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 Dr. R.D. Walters

She’s been in the intimacy health field for more than 12 years and throughout that time she’s earned a Doctorate in Metaphysics and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Developmental Biological Psychology. R.D. Walters accumulated major certificates in Sexual Health, Eating Disorders, and Domestic violence. She works with groups, couples, individuals, and youth on anxiety, trauma, nutrition, connection, and more.

As a parent of a young Sickle Cell warrior, she understands firsthand the overwhelming nature of caregiving and how it affects every aspect of one’s existence. She recognizes the connection between balance, self-love, and true intimacy. Her transparency with her own life experiences and challenges allows her to coach by relatable example.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to
the Spiritual spa event! 

The spiritual spa was designed for women to be able to expand and develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of faith, family, and wellness. Going through the pandemic has brought up many obstacles and life lessons. If anything, it's shown us the value of family and mental health. We're turning the spiritual spa into a conference retreat. An event to focus on mind, body, and soul. Join us as we discuss the importance of setting boundaries and coping with anxiety and depression.

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